Shoppers aren’t the pennypinchers they’ve been made out to be – at least when top-up shopping – a Him! study has revealed.

Despite reports that shoppers are reining in spending as the tough economic climate continues to bite, Him!’s Small Supers Tracking Programme, which interviewed more than 4,200 shoppers at supermarkets of 3,000 sq ft to 25,000 sq ft including Asda, The Co-op Group and Waitrose, found 63% of shoppers had not bought anything on promotion. Just 19% had bought one product on special off er and a mere 13% bought two or more deals.

Of the shoppers who did buy a promoted product, 43% said they were planning to buy it anyway.

Shoppers were also failing to use popular moneysaving methods, the study found. Some 79% claimed they didn’t have a budget to stick to, 28% didn’t use a loyalty card, and 97% did not use a voucher.

And the vast majority of shoppers also claimed they had no plans to change their shopping habits in the next 12 months, such as buying special offers or using vouchers