tesco fruit and veg

Tesco this week started offering free fruit for children, in a bid to attract parents during the summer holidays.

It said the initiative, which launched in more than 800 Tesco stores across the UK, was aimed at creating healthy eating habits among kids.

Only 10% of boys and 7% of girls from the ages of 11 to 18 meet the 5 a day recommendation and Tesco said it would help tackle the problem, with a selection of fruits available including apples, soft citrus and bananas for parents to take to give to their children.

It follows a trial in Lincolnshire last year, which was then rolled out more widely in Scotland.

“We’re Britain’s biggest greengrocer, so we want to make it easier for parents to get their children eating more healthily,” said Tesco UK CEO Matt Davies.

“As a dad, I know it can be tricky getting children to eat their fruit and vegetables, so we’re hoping this initiative will help create healthy eating habits that will stay with children as they grow up.”

The initiative has been welcomed by health experts and charities.

“It’s a positive step towards improving children’s health throughout the UK and helps parents ensure their children get their five portions of fruit and vegetables every day,” said British Heart Foundation chief executive Simon Gillespie.