Many of the big names in cereal have increased their promotional activity over the past year. Kellogg's upped its number of promotions by 530, while Nestlé and Honey Monster also offered more deals.

Major Kellogg's brands including Special K, Crunchy Nut and Coco Pops were all promoted more. And the strategy appears to have paid dividends, with sales of Kellogg's cereals growing significantly ahead of the market.

Going against the grain, Quaker cut its promotions, running 54 fewer than last year.

Despite this, sales of Quaker Oatso Simple flourished, rising 23.6% in value. Own-label cut back heavily on deals, with 141 fewer promotions on own-label cereal over the past year.

Asda ran the most offers on cereal 640 over the year, up from 474 last year. Morrisons also upped its promotions, more than doubling its number of offers to 426. 

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