Overall advertising spend by the top 10 cakes and biscuit brands has increased by 58.8% over the past year.

Burton's Foods almost doubled its spend on Maryland Cookies this year, with most of the budget going on a month-long TV push that kicked off on 7 April. The company says growing consumer interest in cookies in preference to everyday biscuits had prompted the campaign.

Kraft increased the spend on Oreo cookies by 42.5% and was rewarded with a 13% hike in sales to £17.9m [IRI 52w/e 7 August 2010]. Northern Foods spent £500,000 on a TV push last autumn following the relaunch of Rocky bars. It also showed the world that Fox's Biscuits' Vinnie the Panda wasn't sleeping with the fishes it brought him back to our screens in early summer.

In April, Capital FM radio presenters Johnny Vaughan and Lisa Snowdon starred in the first TV ad for Kraft's Belvita Breakfast biscuits, which were launched in January.

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