The value of the biscuits market is £2.2bn and has grown 3.4% in the past year - a significant slowdown on the 8% growth recorded a year ago.

Volume sales of biscuits have grown 2.1%. As seen last year, price inflation has driven growth in biscuit sales, as has an increase in how often shoppers purchase.

The healthier biscuits sector, the largest sector of the biscuits market by value, has grown 10.2% by value and 10.4% by volume. Given that volume sales declined in this sub-sector a year ago, this suggests health has returned as an important motivator for biscuit buyers.

Own-label accounts for 59.8% of the cake market and 27% of the biscuit market.

The value of the cake market has grown 2.1% in the past year and is currently worth £1.5bn. The main driver of growth is shoppers buying cakes more frequently, with price inflation playing a smaller role in cakes than within biscuits. Small cakes remain the largest sub-sector of the cake market by value, with some smaller sectors including cake portions and muffins showing strong value growth.

Waitrose has performed particularly well over the past year, with value growth of 15.4% in biscuits and cakes. Marks & Spencer's share of biscuits and cakes (6.4%) is significantly higher than its share of total grocery (3%).

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