The cakes market has experienced value growth of 0.9% in the past year, driven by own label rather than by branded, which is down by 2.7%.

The figures suggest spend has moved directly from branded to own-label products. Price has been an important driver of the growth in own-label cakes, with frequency of purchase also increasing year-on-year. In branded cakes, both whole cakes and small cakes performed poorly, driving the consumer flight from brands.

The biscuits market has grown 6% in value, up from 4.2% in the previous year. Price is the main driver, but there are also new shoppers in the market, alongside existing shoppers who are buying more. Value growth in healthier biscuits has slowed from 9.7% to 5.7% over the past year.

Crackers and crispbreads, seasonal biscuits and children's biscuits are the fastest-growing sectors in value terms, with higher product prices contributing to growth in crackers and crispbreads. All three are also in volume growth. Retailer trends in biscuits and cakes mirror those of total grocery, with both premium M&S and Waitrose and value Iceland and the discounters experiencing strong growth.

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