Cheese producers have spent a hefty £25m on advertising this year, up 26.3% on last. But while some have thrown considerable resources at their campaigns, others have slashed their budgets - in Dairylea's case by 43%.

The biggest spender was Philadelphia, with a 34% increase in advertising to £5.4m - almost three-quarters of it spent on its TV campaign. Kerry LowLow upped its ad spend by a staggering 2,149%, albeit from a small base, to £2.9m, to back up its UK cheese launch.

This was one of the few sectors not to advertise in cinemas, perhaps reflecting the demographic make-up of its buyers, choosing instead to concentrate 80% of its spend on TV campaigns.

Cathedral City was the only one of the top 10 spenders to invest in radio advertising, while only the top four Philadelphia, Cathedral City, Kerry LowLow and Cheestrings opted for outdoor advertising. In Cheestrings' case, this accounted for a third of advertising spend.

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