In addition to massive ad campaigns, Lucozade was also the most heavily promoted functional brand. However, Danone's Activia is catching up fast, running 84 extra promotions, chiefly to support the launch of Activia in single pots rather than multipacks.

Müller took the exact opposite approach, cutting the number of promotions it ran by 84 the biggest decline in promotional activity among the top five promoters.

The reduction has simply highlighted a change of emphasis in strategy around its Vitality brand, says Müller CEO Gharry Eccles.

"We have been focusing on above-the-line activity and working to increase penetration by changing the pack size, moving from a six-pack to a new Müller Vitality four-pack, launched in January, and we have been running ongoing multibuy promotions to encourage people to stay loyal to the brand, which, as they are permanent, tend not to show up in the statistics."

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