The total spend by functional food brands was almost exactly the same as the year before, despite many media cutting their advertising rates. The biggest spender was Müller, which continued to splash out on Vitality.

"We have been focusing more on above-the-line spend, rather than in-store promotions, for Vitality," says CEO Gharry Eccles.

In April, Müller Vitality kicked off a £2m TV campaign starring Joanna Lumley. Danone's overall spend remained almost unchanged. Actimel saw a 28.5% drop in budget, but this was more than counter-balanced by the rise in Activia's budget.

Some of the most dramatic changes in spend came from GSK's Lucozade brands. Spend was up 380% for Sport, at £2.1m, with spending on Energy up more than 25%, Alert up 132% and only the core brand down, by 74%.

Total spend was up more than 36%. GSK last month kicked off advertising for a host of new launches, including Lucozade Sport Lite and a Pro Muscle protein bar, while Lucozade Sport is set to be supported by the £15m Fuelling England's Roar campaign - the biggest-single marketing and promotional campaign by the brand.

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