There has been a revival in hot desserts, with the average rating for new products tested by Fast Foodfax rising by two points in 2008.

Varieties such as sticky toffee and caramel pudding have been rediscovered at the pub or restaurant and have been translated into the supermarket chilled fixture. Foodfax tested three formats over the past year from brands with formidable reputations - Gü, Cadbury and Farmhouse Fare. All achieved ratings on or just below the category norm, but for different reasons.

Farmhouse Fare achieved the highest ratings for taste, with the indulgent Gü Saucy Caramel option proving more of a treat. Of the three, Cadbury's Hot Caramel was the most main­stream and most likely to be bought regularly.

Gü Saucy Caramel Puddings
A seriously gourmet indulgent dessert that delivered the quality expected of the brand. However, the premium price will limit purchase to an occasional treat.
Score: 37
Category average: 40

Cadbury Hot Caramel Pudding
This was the more mainstream in appeal and most likely to be bought regularly, but there was some disappointment with the caramel sauce.
Score: 40
Category average: 40

Farmhouse Fare Organic Luxury Sticky Toffee Puddings
More than half thought the taste of this Farmhouse Fare pudding was excellent, but price was felt to restrict purchase potential.
Score: 39
Category average: 40

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