Lovetubs Farmhouse Fare
Launched: September 2010
Farmhouse Fare took the innovative approach of launching a new range of sponge desserts designed to be heated and eaten hot in ice cream style tubs. The chocolate and caramel 300g tubs (rsp £2.99) target younger women who under-index in traditional pudding consumption, but over-index in dessert consumption, according to the company. It plans to develop new flavours and smaller formats in 2011. 

Just Puds Classic Old English Strawberry Jam Sponge
Launching: January 2011 
As well as refreshing the packaging across its range this September, Just Puds is launching a new Classic Old English Strawberry jam sponge twin pack in January.

"People want a luxury meal at-home experience without spending too much," says MD Rosemary Robinson. "The pudding is easy to heat and the price point for twin packs is not too high at £2.50 for two portions."

Aunt Bessie's 'Perfect for two' sharing sized desserts
Launched: September 2010
The growth in smaller desserts has prompted Aunt Bessie's to launch the new "Perfect for Two" size format in two flavours for "empty nesters and pre-family customers".

Aunt Bessie's 'Perfect for two' Apple and Blackberry Pie and Morello Cherry Pie desserts are microwaveable from frozen in two and a half minutes and are available from major retailers at £1.29.

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