The ice cream market is valued at £669.9m, growing 5.5% in the latest year. Growth was driven by shoppers purchasing more often and new shoppers entering the market.

A better summer in 2009 helped some sectors. Handheld sectors with the largest shares chocolate sticks, filled cones and children's lollies attracted more shoppers and increased purchase frequency in the summer, contributing to growth rates above the market at 5.5%. 

This year premium tubs' growth is slightly behind market growth. However, the sector benefited from a "premium Christmas", growing 18.9% in the last 12 weeks year-on-year. This is in line with total grocery.

Morrisons and Waitrose have performed well in ice cream this year, in line with their total grocery performance. In contrast Iceland, which overtrades in ice cream, has declined 4.9% yet it is performing ahead of total grocery.

Focus On Ice Cream