The market is growing at 5.2% year-on-year, thanks to a combination of higher prices (a 4.3% increase in price added £16m to the market) and growth in trip volumes and frequency [Kantar].

The sub-sectors seeing the biggest improvement in sales are peanut butter and chocolate. The worst-performing sub-sector, marmalade, has suffered because of demographics 52.9% of spend comes from the over-65s. Brands account for 61.4% of the market, but their 2.2% growth was outstripped by a 10.4% increase in own-label sales. Standard own label accounts for 30.7% of the market, economy own label for 4.3% and premium own label 3.6%.

Premium is the fastest-growing area of own label, showing 13.1% y-o-y growth. Sales of own-label honey and peanut butter are thriving, up 50.9% and 53.9% respectively.

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