Big brands, unsurprisingly, feature heavily here, with Marmite at the top despite its total spend falling by almost a quarter year-on-year, to £1.41m.

And while Unilever was swift to launch legal proceedings when a jar of Marmite cropped up in the British National Party's general election campaign video, the brand showed its sense of humour with its own General Election ad campaign, featuring two 'parties' battling to discover whether the nation were Marmite lovers or haters.

The strategy worked sales of the spread are up 1.6% in volume and 3.4% by value. Rowse Honey is set to launch the first major communications campaign for honey in more than 20 years, after a year in which its advertising spend dropped 85%. The brand will invest in both TV and online advertising. Streamline Foods is to run consumer advertising in summer 2011 to emphasise a shift in its core message, says managing director Martin Tilney.

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