With newcomers fighting with established ones over market share and base prices continuing to rise, promotions are more important than ever.

While Sainsbury's opted not to up promotions in 2010, Morrisons, by contrast, increased its offers by 0.18% to 81, making it the category's biggest promoter. Despite a 2.8% fall in the number of promotions, Hartley's remains the most heavily promoted brand. Unsurprisingly, its volume sales are up by 8.5%.

However, its value sales are showing an encouraging 8.9% growth [IRI], no doubt helped by the 4.3% rise in prices across the category. Rose's has seen a 10.2% rise in promotions this year, albeit from a very small base, leaving the brand fighting the marmalade corner in the face of the growing appeal of chocolate spreads and peanut butter.

But whether its over-promotion will simply make it more popular still with thrifty pensioners remains to be seen.

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