Although volume sales slipped 1.4%, value has grown 1.9% thanks largely to deodorants and shower gel.

Razors and blades remain in value growth but have fallen again in volume terms, by 7.7%. Deodorants grew its share of male grooming from 32.1% to 33.1%, increasing its shopper base in the process.

The average man uses four personal care categories in a week, with deodorant, shower gel, shampoo and shaving the most important. 25-44 year olds have the broadest repertoire of categories, but men over 55 are more frequent users of fewer categories.

Shaving remains a key grooming occasion, but frequency has declined. This has been driven by younger men. Using deodorant is a key activity for the under-45s, but less so for the over-45s, coming fourth behind washing, shaving and shampooing.

Focus On Male Grooming