Tango became Britvic's fastest-growing brand in 2009 following a packaging redesign. Tango had lost its way. Its packaging tried to convey natural fruit flavours, but its target audience of 17 to 24-year-olds was looking for fun. "It's not Innocent," says Roger Hart, MD of Blue Marlin, which created the new look.

The company moved Tango away from the natural associations of the previous design, using vibrant, fluorescent colours for the fruit images. "It's about a strong hit of flavour in an irreverent way. So we came up with the idea of fruit being exploded," adds Hart. Each flavour has its own quirky image.

In returning Tango to its core audience, Blue Marlin was conscious it had to be careful not to alienate parents. "Mums were buying it because they thought it was cool, but kids didn't," says Hart. "Now kids think it is cool but we've kept mums on board by retaining the fruit connection."

The redesign launched at the end of May. In the first five months of 2009 sales totalled £7.8m but in the next five months hit £12.2m and sales for the year were up 14.8% [IRI 52w/e 26 December 2009].

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