Nobody thinks that Ryvita or any other crispbread for that matter looks appetising," says Williams Murray Hamm co-founder Richard Williams. This was the dilemma facing the design agency when it was tasked with redesigning the packaging for Ryvita to broaden its appeal.

"We didn't want to fall into the trap of having a big logo and a big photo of the product," he adds. "That's what most of the brands do in that category."

In January last year, new packaging was unveiled that didn't show the product at all. Instead, the image showed two fingers holding a line of text describing a Ryvita variety, with a photo of an appetising topping resting on top of the words.

"People who are careful about food are intelligent," says Williams. "They know that if they eat Ryvita, they can put nice stuff on top.

"We wanted the pack to talk honestly about the product and portray it in a light and simple way."

He adds that while rival products in the category have a rather functional and worthy appearance, Ryvita now looks stylish. Different products within the range are easy to identify as a result of the bold colours used, and yet there is a coherent branding across all products.

The Ryvita logo has been kept small and in one corner, so the pack remains simple and uncluttered.

In 2009, sales were £1.4m higher than the year before, at £26.4m [IRI 52w/e 26 December 2009].

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