Ski was threatened with delisting in 2008. It had to act with a radical relaunch that would undo the work of previous packaging redesigns. The brand's natural credentials had been lost through countless revamps and tweaks of the packaging and too many messages had been crammed on-pack. Design agency Coley Porter Bell took it back to what had always been at the heart of Ski yoghurts, but had become lost fruit.

"The design brings to life the natural fruit content. We called it the 'as nature intended' design," says CPB chief executive Vicky Bullen. The packs, introduced in September 2008, feature abundant fruit in a natural setting and strip out the unnecessary messages. The packaging was also used to inform the direction of the new ad campaign.

Immediately after the new packs were introduced, and before any advertising, there was a sales uplift. In the first year sales grew 20% and in the final three months, sales increased 40%. "The redesign saved the brand," Bullen says.

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