There was relatively little year-on-year value change in the top two categories.

Deodorants saw a wave of NPD, with Garnier and L'Oreal entering the market and Dove launching a line for men. All three performed well, largely at the cost of sales for other brands.

Category purchase and use frequency fell in 2010. Facial moisturisers suffered from the declining popularity of anti-ageing products.

Razor blades, body lotions and mouthwashes performed well, with NPD boosting sales. Gillette and Wilkinson Sword introduced new and relatively expensive male razor blade systems, driving overall category growth.

Body lotion growth was also driven by product development and new shoppers. In retailer terms, much of the movement was directly related to the performance of facial moisturisers and razor blades.

Sainsbury's and Morrisons performed strongly in both, with the former also doing well in bath and shower products. Brands grew faster than own label in all categories except toothbrushes and tampons.

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