Value growth in rice and noodles has slowed from a rate of 23.4% last year to a much more modest 4% this year.

Volume sales, meanwhile, are up 2.6%. An increase in price per pack is the biggest factor driving growth. A relatively small increase in price per kg indicates an increased margin for sales.

The retardation of market growth can be attributed to the performance of dried plain rice still the most significant sector in the market making up 58.3% of volume and 36.6% of spend.

Chilled plain and savoury rice are still relatively small, but growing sectors, accounting for 5.7% of the market. However, the impact of a decrease in price per kilo in both is pronounced.

While growth has slowed in rice, noodles have seen an uplift, accounting for 21% of the rice and noodles market, up 2% in terms of share y-o-y. Plain noodles have increased by 17.5% in value, as average trip spend has risen.

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