The table sauces & condiments market is worth more than £670m and has grown by £32m (5%) in the latest year.

Almost all 98% households buy into this market, the average shopper buying once every three weeks and spending £1.56 every visit. Branded products account for 73% of total market spend.

Table sauce growth has been achieved through price increases, and salad accompaniments' growth through increased shoppers and increased volumes per shopper. Vinegar has the strongest growth at 7.5%.

Males are the core consumers, particularly those over 35, who account for 31% of occasions. The evening meal is 41% of occasions, with the in-home lunch (27%) and teatime (17%) being smaller, but still important, occasions.

Severty-five percent of sales go through the big four. Morrisons currently has the strongest growth (11%).

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