Coca-Cola concentrated promotions on its flagship brand in 2010, with Coke variants accounting for more than a third of promotional activity within the category.

Its fruit carbonates brands, including Fanta and Dr Pepper, saw activity fall, as did mixers brand Schweppes, despite a high-profile cross-merchandising summer promotion with Diageo spirits.

Elsewhere, Irn-Bru owner AG Barr grew its share of soft drinks promotions by the greatest percentage. Morrisons ran the most promotions, but only Sainsbury's increased the percentage of space allocated to soft drinks as a proportion of overall space.

The most common promotional mechanic was x-for-y, with bogof falling out of favour as price-driven mechanics came to the fore.

"Promotions were generally stronger or at a similar price point to previous years despite inflation," says Peter Hindmarsh, Nisa-Today's soft drinks buyer. "While bogof promotions were popular, it was price downs on single units that consumers preferred, due to the low entry level."

Focus On Soft Drinks