The main driver of growth is price, up from 69p to 73p per unit on average. Shoppers are buying less frequently but more per trip.

The two largest sectors in the market, wet ambient soup and dry ambient soup, have seen weak volume performance. Fresh soup is the only sector recording strong volume growth, which is a result of new shoppers entering the market.

There is evidence of switching to fresh soup from the other two sectors, mainly wet ambient soup. Promotions are important for fresh soup as about 53% of all volume sold is on promotion.

Tesco and Morrisons have lost market share year-on-year, while Asda and Sainsbury's have grown share slightly.

Brands hold 77% of the market with sales up 5.3% compared with 3.6% for own-label. Own-label healthy and organic ranges are in decline, while premium and economy are growing. Essential Waitrose has performed particularly well.

Focus On Soup