Although three-for-£10 remains the most talked-about wine promotion, it is by no means the most prevalent.

According to Assosia, there were fewer X-for-Y promotions in supermarket wine aisles in 2009, while money-off deals became more dominant. Morrisons continued to run more wine promotions than the rest of the big four, although Waitrose actually led the pack, as far as wine promotions as a percentage of overall promotional space go.

Asda assigned less space to wine promotions than in 2008. The impact of promotions on the big brands was clear. Hardys, First Cape and Blossom Hill all increased promotional activity and saw an increase in value and volume sales. Wolf Blass and Gallo cut the number of promotions and sales fell.

The average amount of money saved through promotions was higher than the previous year, but was static as a percentage of the cost of a bottle.

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