Sales have fallen 1% to just under £265m.

Poor market performance was a result of the relative mildness of the 2009 swine flu pandemic, with remedies bought in preparation unused until winter. This, coupled with heavy promotional activity reversed the 13% value gains of 2008/2009.

Average spend held up, but a decline in shopper numbers helped fuel year-on-year decline. Comparatively expensive, cold treatments were worst hit shoppers opting for analgesics with other remedies instead. Specialist cough liquids did better, helped by a growing tendency among shoppers to choose specific products for specific ailments.

With cheaper products often found in the confectionery aisles, lozenges had the best year. The winter remedies market has favoured multiples over the high street. Battling for leadership, Tesco and Boots were neck-and-neck in market share. Cheaper own-label products also gained share.

Focus On Winter Remedies