In-store promotions for yoghurts and pot desserts are especially fierce after Christmas when consumers are on a new year health drive. But promotions are now a more important part of the mix all year round.

IRI analyst Katherine Roe says: "Much of the category's volume growth is down to more promotions, with the percentage sold on deal up from 57% two years ago, to 61% a year ago, to 67% over the past year [52w/e 20 February 2010]."

Sainsbury's was the only one of the big retailers to reduce its promotions, while Nestlé was the only major manufacturer to cut the number of promotions it ran. Danone, which owns Activia and Actimel, doubled its promotions, making it the second-most highly promoted brand after leader Müller.

Promotions are a big part of our marketing mix," says Activia marketing manager Corinne Chant. When Activia launched single pots in October, they were supported with half-price offers, bogofs, four-for-£1 deals and coupons.

Focus On Yoghurts & Pot Desserts