Consumer memories of the horsemeat scandal appear to be fading, according to the latest research for The Grocer. But the regained trust in food and drink could be short-lived given this week’s scare stories on TB-infected cows entering the food chain.

The Grocer/Him! Shop Waves poll of 1,000 consumers for June found that 67% trusted the grocery industry to sell food and drink that is safe. This was the highest level since the outbreak of the scandal - confidence fell to just 37% in February.

According to the FSA, there are no risks to human health from bovine TB reactors in the food chain but Him! research and insights manager Blake Gladman says the publicity could result in loss of trust. “We have seen that trust takes time to win back, as it has slowly built since February, but can be lost overnight,” he explains.

Another story that returned to the public domain this week was the possibility of the government bringing in minimum unit pricing for alcohol.

Our poll found that health secretary Jeremy Hunt will have a job convincing the public of its merits, however, with just 38% in favour of the measure. This is down from 45% in February. More than half of consumers (53%) would not support minimum pricing, up from 47% in February.

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Shop Waves is a consumer survey conducted for The Grocer by him!