The artisan cheesemaker implicated in Scotland’s recent e.coli outbreak has insisted its products are “safe to eat” after authorities admitted no samples of its cheese had tested positive for the strain of the bug that caused the illness.

Errington Cheese’s Dunsyre Blue had been identified as the “most likely cause” of the e.coli outbreak, which resulted in the death of a three-year-old child, but Food Standards Scotland admitted this week there was no microbiological evidence linking the cheese with the outbreak.

“We are pleased to see that FSS has acknowledged there is no microbiological link between Dunsyre Blue and the recent outbreak of illness,” the company said on Wednesday.

FSS this week recalled another cheese from Errington, Lanark White, after it tested positive for e.coli 0157. “Although this organism may not carry shiga toxins, it is associated with human disease,” it said.

Errington disputed the finding, and said experts were “concerned” by the testing methodology adopted by the authorities. “Our own detailed testing keeps us confident that all our cheese is safe to eat,” it said.