The results of new tests for the presence of horse meat in burgers are shortly to be published by the Irish department of agriculture.

The department is carrying out its own tests on samples from the Silvercrest Foods (which is owned by ABP) and Liffey Meats plants in Ireland, in the wake of those carried out by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, which were published on Tuesday (15 January).

The FSAI tests were considered a snapshot, but the department’s own investigations were expected to be wider in scope and go further towards explaining how horse and pig DNA ended up in beef burgers, The Grocer understands.    

A spokesman for the department said it hoped the results would be out this evening but could not confirm they would definitely be out tonight or say precisely when they would be published.

The publication of the department’s results will coincide with ABP running its own tests on about 300 of its meat products. Results for those tests would be ready “from tomorrow onwards”, a spokeswoman for ABP said.