Ikea has withdrawn wiener sausages from sale in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal as a precautionary measure.

The move comes after the retailer yesterday extended its meatballs withdrawal to 24 countries, including Thailand and Hong Kong. The alarm was first raised over the meatballs on Monday, when Czech officials said a consignment at an Ikea store in the Czech town of Brno had tested positive for horse DNA.

Ikea said it had withdrawn the sausages as an “extra-precautionary measure” as they were made by the same supplier as the meatballs that had tested positive in the Czech Republic. Most of Ikea’s meatballs are made by Swedish supplier Dafgard.

“Together with the Swedish supplier in question we have decided to withdraw from sale the wiener sausages (containing minced meat from pork and beef) from that supplier,” Ikea said in a statement.  “The sales stop of wiener sausages affects France, Spain, UK, Ireland and Portugal.”

“This is an extra-precautionary measure until we have results for the tests we are performing in all our products containing meat. The trust of our customers are of utmost importance for us, we want to offer the most accurate information, this is why we are taking this extra-precautionary measure.”

Dafgard said yesterday that – contrary to the Czech results – its own tests on raw material and finished products had not shown any presence of horse DNA.