Ikea’s wiener sausages are back on UK and Irish shelves following a precautionary sales ban introduced last week.

Ikea stopped selling the sausages because they were produced by the same supplier – Dafgard – that manufactured Ikea meatballs that tested positive for horse DNA last week.

None of the DNA tests carried out on the wiener sausages had shown any indications of horsemeat, said Ikea. “Our supplier (Dafgard) does not produce meatballs and sausages on the same production line and the sub-suppliers of the raw meat materials are not the same,” it added. The raw meat in the wiener sausages had never been supplied by the suspected sub-supplier, it added.

The sausages went back into Ikea stores this morning in both the bistro and Swedish Food Market areas. The sales ban on meatballs is still in operation. “The trust of our customers is of outmost importance to us,” said Anders Lennartsson, Ikea Food Services AB.