Taco Bell has become the latest big name food brand to be caught up in the horsemeat scandal after its ground beef was found to contain horse during the latest round of testing by the Food Standards Agency.

The FSA has published the results of DNA testing of 1,797 more food products with four new products showing up as positive.

Along with Taco Bell, the tests confirmed that Bird’s Eye traditional spaghetti Bolognese and lasagne were been found to contain more than 1% horse DNA as well Brakes spicy minced beef skewer.

The Bird’s Eye lines were two of the three products it withdrew from freezers last Friday as a precaution.

So far the FSA has received 5.430 test results since it ordered widespread testing of meat products last month and so far a total of 17 have been found to contain more than 1% horse DNA. A further two lines have been identified through separate tests.

However all of the products tested so far have been shown not to contain the veterinary medicine known as bute which would render it unsafe for human consumption, and the FSA said this initial phase of testing by the industry is now almost complete.