Nestle anaerobic digester Fawdon

An AD plant at Nestlé’s Fawdon factory

Sir, I was pleased to read your article ‘10 ways manufacturers waste food’ (28 January, p28) as it’s refreshing to see attention being drawn beyond the retailers to include manufacturers further down the process. Too often the focus is solely on supermarket waste and the possible redistribution of food at this point.

While we fervently support the reduction and prevention of food waste from all sources in the first instance, I must highlight the benefits of the disposal of unavoidable waste through anaerobic digestion. There will always be unavoidable food waste, such as factory sludge, peelings and trimmings and it is key that manufacturers use the most sustainable methods available for its disposal. AD is the most environmentally friendly method and it saves businesses money.

Paul Killoughery, managing director, Bio Collectors