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Sir, We were very interested to read about your Waste Not Want Not campaign, which resonated hugely with our business.

One of the best ways to live more sustainably and make your food go further is by freezing it. The freezing process cuts out food waste twice as much as fresh or chilled products.

Our Forever Food Together programme is all about making sure consumers enjoy nutritious dishes through more sustainable food products. We play a leading role in the development of long-term food supplies by developing and supporting the implementation of sustainable food verification schemes for fisheries and agriculture. We do this in partnership with many stakeholders including suppliers, non-governmental organisations and policymakers. We also operate manufacturing processes designed to minimise waste.

Where waste is unavoidably generated we segregate to aid recycling where possible and process the remainder for energy recovery without resorting to landfill. Building a deeper understanding of the causes of food waste in the home is also key, and we are working daily to reduce food waste in our supply chain and maximise consumption of prepared meals through the redistribution of surplus food.

We are proud to be working with Wrap as a signatory to Courtauld 2025 and supporting FareShare where, since 2015, we have redistributed approximately 40,000 meals.

Wayne Hudson, MD, Birds Eye