An outbreak of foot and mouth in Korea and rumours of an incident in Japan are set to boost bacon returns as the Danes, the Dutch and UK exporters are set to start shipping volumes of product to the Far East. Although reports are still sketchy and the full extent of the problem is not yet known, there is good reason to expect a switch in demand from beef to pigmeat. For now, it may be the answer to slicers' prayers, since there is a chance that with some volume taken out of the pigmeat market ­ especially out of the middle of the pig ­ a floor may be put under the rasher market. From the biggest players down, slicers have been "desperate" to get a proper return on streaks. With pork bellies leaving the European market, this may now happen. For the time being, Somerfield is still running a buy one, get one free offer on British bacon at £2.79 for 300g, with retails generally lower than that. Kerry Foods is offering a resealable pack on Wall's branded bacon. Whether consumers will appreciate it remains to be seen. {{PROVISIONS }}