Forecourt giant Shell admits garage food is rubbish in a new tongue-in-cheek campaign to promote its own - of course far from rubbish - Deli2Go offer.

It launched ‘Proud Not to Serve Garage Food’ this week in a bid to challenge negative consumer perceptions of the food available on the nation’s forecourts.

The push includes posters, messaging on fuel pumps and in-store, with messages such as ‘Good food found at a garage, now there’s a headline for you’.

“We understand that people don’t yet expect quality food from service stations so we’ve tackled that perception,” said Shell convenience retail manager Rado Svec.

Shell launched its Deli2Go range in 2010, including freshly-prepared baguettes, sandwiches, and pasties made in Cornwall.

Caitlin Ryan, executive creative director for agency Proximity, which created the push, said: “We’ve acknowledged customer preconceptions and asked them to reappraise because the Deli2Go experience is so much better than they would think possible.”