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Product: Colgate Max Fresh
Company: Colgate-Palmolive
Country: US

When soluble breath-freshening strips appeared about three years ago one of the major benefits that was touted for them was that they were a quick and convenient way to freshen the breath when brushing wasn’t an option - as an alternative to chewing gum, in most cases.

It appears now that the development cycle has gone full circle.

In the United States, Colgate-Palmolive has just launched Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste with Mini Breath Strips.

Without a close inspection you might think that this is similar to toothpaste with dental floss, for example GlaxoSmithKline’s recently launched Aquafresh Floss ‘n’ Cap.

However, this is a different proposition. Inside the toothpaste are tiny squares of breath freshener strips.

As a result, when one brushes, the strips dissolve, giving a strong mint, mouth-freshening taste while the toothpaste comes in Cool Mint Peppermint and Clean Mint Spearmint flavours.

This is another application of the relatively new technology.

In the past, we have seen breath-freshening strips that provide an energy benefit, ones that are coffee flavoured, even ones for dogs.

The soluble strip format has also been extended into other areas, such as on-the-go soap ‘leaves’.

This application, however, keeps the breath freshening close to home - in the toothpaste.