Salmon supplier Lance Forman reckoned he& 'd been done up like a smoked kipper when the Olympic authorities slapped a compulsory ­purchase order on his East End factory.
Forman, MD of H Forman & Son, was told that in common with 300 businesses he would have to move. He feared this would wipe him out because he would lose key Central London business through relocation.
Now, with a new site "fortuitously found", he's hoping to be official Olympic smoked salmon supplier. Ironically he supplied the Team GB celebration party.
Forman said: "Now we have just one year to build a two-year project." His new location on Fish Island is ideal for catching Olympic trade. In the meantime, he will concentrate on core business, which includes supplying six Waitroses as well as Ocado. "The bigger supermarkets are not that interested in specialists such as ourselves. They want to narrow down lines rather than expand them."