A soya milk specially formulated for women is rolling out to chillers in a bid to broaden soya's appeal to a health-conscious market.

Soya Essential from So Good is 99% fat-free, contains no sugar and has nine vitamins and minerals, including higher levels of calcium, iron and folate ­tailored to meet women's needs. It comes in chilled and UHT one-litre cartons at an rsp of £1.39.

The product is already on sale in Australia, where it has had great success, according to the company. Its launch here is the start of the brand's development programme this year. Other activity is set to include improved recipes and extension into drinks-to-go with the launch of smaller, more portable bottles. New flavours will join the existing range of chocolate and vanilla variants.

Allan Staples, international CEO, said: "Research showed our 99% fat-free concept was the most motivating factor to purchase, over and above other light options already available."