Foster's laid-back Aussie agony uncles return to screens this week with a new ad for the lager's Good Call campaign.

The Tattoo creative sees Brad and Dan offer advice to 'Craig from Leicester' who is contemplating getting a tattoo of his girlfriend's name.

The beach-hut dwellers dismiss the idea and suggest a tattoo of his girlfriend's occasional pet name 'Peanut' would be a wiser choice, explaining that should the couple break up, he would simply be left with a tattoo "expressing his love for the delicious small salted nut".

Last week, private equity groups were working on potential bids for the wine assets of Foster's Group the Heineken UK brand's original owner. The renewed interest came after the Sydney-listed group ­rejected a surprise A$2.7bn (£1.6bn) bid from Cerberus Capital, the US investment group.