Scottish & Newcastle is seeking to re-enlist lapsed lager drinkers by shifting the marketing emphasis of Foster's from a functional super-chilled proposition to an attitude of 'No Worriesness'.

Foster's new 'Get a bit of Australian in you' ad campaign, which kicked off last week portraying backpackers reacting to hazardous situations with laid-back humour, was an example of how the brand was departing from the 'functional' message of its super-chilled lager, which had been its marketing theme since 2004, said Natalie Clearie, Foster's senior brand manager.

She claimed the number of brands that had since jumped on board with the extra-cold concept had resulted in a category lacking in emotion to drinkers. 

"Standard lager is the lifeblood of the beer market, but it is showing signs of fatigue, with sales volumes down about 3.2% on last year," said Clearie. "So we are walking away from the overly functional benefits of coldness. It is no longer unique to Foster's, so we wanted to show a more emotional side."

The ad campaign would make its cinema debut on July 10 with Brüno, a new film featuring Sacha Baron Cohen as an outrageous gay fashion journalist, Clearie added. However, she denied this was an indication that Foster's was moving away from its Aussie macho attitude.

"Brüno was chosen because it is a really funny film and fits the No Worries positioning perfectly."

Other new marketing includes The Ozometer, a Twitter-based site that measures the 'No Worries-ness' of celebrities, places and Twitter users.