Northern Foods is believed to be ditching its Fox's Dunked biscuit brand less than a year after launch.

Sales of the dunking sub-brand, which joined the portfolio in February, have "been insignificant", Northern Foods spokesman Andrew Hanson said.

Hanson denied the biscuit was to be scrapped, but said the range, which is already in very limited distribution, would be reviewed early next year.

However, a leaked email from a senior Northern Foods employee claimed that "once the current stock is exhausted the line will be delisted".

It was hoped that Dunked, a finger-shaped, chocolate-covered biscuit available in shortcake and oat varieties, would have built on an emerging trend at the beginning of this year for dunking. Several brands, including Bahlsen, jumped on the bandwagon and Asda also introduced an own-label range of dunking biscuits.