The bigger the better. One way to push up customer spend is to push up the sizes of the products they buy. 

So says Premier director Martin Swadling, who made a point of including the idea when he relaunched the fascia in February alongside its updated look and mission-based layout.

“We are always looking at new ways to help retailers sell more and make more,” says Swadling. “With added pressures such as auto pension enrolment, tobacco going dark and the living wage, it is more important than ever that we achieve this.”

Household, petcare and ambient are ideal categories for the value pack treatment down to their popularity and long shelf life, allowing retailers to achieve better sales and higher profit on return while still giving customers a great deal.

With health and fitness on trend, selling large tubs of protein, retailing for upwards of £25, can also muscle in on higher profits. Singh’s, one of Premier’s retailers, is keen to shout about its bulk-buying deals on Twitter. In February it used the platform to trumpet its £25 for 2kg deal on whey protein to its 5,000 followers.