Poor weather in Chile will affect supplies of a range of fresh produce from avocados and citrus to grapes, stone fruit and cherries.About 36,000 ha of crops are reported damaged so far, with 8,000 growers affected. Growers and exporters of Hass avocados say that volumes will have fallen by between 33% to 37%. They estimate a total export crop for all Chilean markets estimated between 104,000 tonnes and 110,000 tonnes. Unexpected heavy snowfall on 9 August may result in this forecast being revised. Adolfo Ochagavía, president of the Chilean Hass Avocado Association, said: "After a bumper crop of Hass avocados from Chile last season and excellent growth in our main target markets such as the UK, we are now expecting a smaller crop in line with 2005/06 season, when Chile exported 105,000 tonnes to the world." The Chilean Ministry of Agriculture has estimated avocado losses at 30%, with citrus losses up to 50%, including 35% of oranges and 25% of lemons.