Guinea fowl producers in France have British supermarkets in their sights after racking up big growth in foodservice sales.

The meat's growing popularity among chefs has led to the UK becoming France's second biggest customer, and marketing agency Sopexa is hoping this success will be replicated on the retail side. French exporters are promoting guinea fowl as a novel and healthy alternative to chicken.

Sopexa has been allocated more than €25,000 next year to market the product in the UK, but it ruled out large-scale work with the multiples on recipes or tasting.

Several UK multiples already stock the bird whole or in portions, but it is perceived as a special occasion purchase rather than a year-round food.

It sells for about £5.20/kg and producers are hoping that is not too high for broader appeal.

The marketing campaign will focus on the meat's low-fat, vitamin-rich attributes and delicate taste.