The wine trade's move to greener packaging continues apace with the launch of two wines - a Merlot and a Sauvignon Blanc - in Tetra Pak cartons under the French Connection label.

Brand owner Bottle Green says the move is the natural progression for a brand aimed at modernising French wine. "There are many benefits to the new pack and it is perfect for consumers who want to make a positive contribution to the environment without compromising on taste and quality," said marketing manager Liam Grant

The company is pushing the 100%-recyclable Tetra Prisma cartons as perfect for picnics and BBQs. It also represents value for money for consumers, it says, as the one-litre size contains 33% more wine than a standard bottle for the same £5.99 price.

Last year the wine trade was praised by packaging body Wrap for its push into lighter bottles and several brands launched into more environmentally friendly packaging formats.