Sir; At last, someone of good standing within the grocery trade talks sense about the attitude of the French to British beef (Opinion, April 20). This situation could have been solved months ago. All that was needed was for a concerted effort by the leading UK grocery buyers not to buy any French goods until the ban was relaxed, But no, self-interest rules. The multiples, in particular, care about their profits and little more. Last week I tried to buy apples that were not French. Three of the leading multiples were swamped with French produce. We know the politics about subsidies and dumping by the French, but still UK buyers fall over themselves to support these questionable practices which cause immeasurable harm to the UK economy. Great Britain is going through some tough times at the moment, not helped by a weak government that would prefer to subjugate its people than stand up to its arrogant neighbours. I believe a strong Support the UK campaign' led by the major grocery retailers would generate a massive sales surge, but who's got the guts to do it in the face of the possible criticism from the small section of people who are ashamed to be patriotic? Don Stephenson Staines {{LETTERS }}