Sainsbury wants booze cruisers visiting its Calais wine store to have some genuine French fun after they've stocked up on cut price vin and bière.
Rather than screeching away from Calais in search of lunch, or even worse succumbing to the temptations of Calais' huge Cité D'Europe shopping centre ­ home of Tesco Vin Plus ­ they should give the town centre a chance, said cross-Channel trade manager Nico Thiriot.
The grey concrete port town has a lot of entertainment to offer. It is the unsung "Las Vegas of the north of France" Calais-born Thiriot claims.
Sainsbury customers can judge that for themselves. Thiriot has set up promotions with local businesses such as Calais' many Michelin-starred restaurants to prove his point.
He explains that if Sainsbury points shoppers towards fun on its doorstep, it builds a lot of goodwill for the store in the local area.
Also, customers who have have a good day out in Calais well away from Cité D'Europe, are sure to return to Sainsbury, rather than Tesco, for example.