Exclusive Mary Carmichael Fresh soya milk enters the chiller cabinet on January 22, as soya specialist So Good International aims to make a £6m splash in the mainstream milk market. The company is targeting mainstream consumers who want an alternative to milk as well as those who are dairy intolerant. Chilled So Good, which contains soya protein with vitamins and minerals, is said to have health benefits over and above those of normal milk, including actively lowering cholesterol, building stronger bones and maintaining a healthy heart. A TV ad campaign, which kicks off on February 5, stars 1960s icon Twiggy and carries the message that it's normal to change habits to be healthier. "We're not trying to knock milk, we're just saying that there's something out there that can do consumers even more good," said business director Andrew Leslie The £6m campaign also includes instore promotions, PoS material, sampling, PR in women's press and information for health professionals. The new product is already available in Australia and in Canada, where it took a 1.3% share of fresh milk after only 18 months. "We expect to have a £15-16m brand in that time frame," said Leslie. "Soya is going to happen. We want to be the brand that instigates it." {{P&P }}